Lots and Lots o' Photos

October 5-13, 2012Peru!
April 29 - May 2, 2012Grand Canyon, Zion, and Valley of Fire
March 8-11, 2012Flying to Baja to see whales
July 24-30, 2010Fly-in trip to Oshkosh, Wisconsin (jump to page 2).
September 20, 2009Aerial photos, Santa Rosa to Palo Alto. Golden Gate/fog pics.
September 18, 2009Aerial photos, Palo Alto to Santa Rosa
August 29, 2009Bay Area aerial tour
August 29, 2009Flight to Lee Vining and back - Yosemite pics
August 12-17, 2009Alaska trip
March 7-21, 2009Australia trip
December 4, 2007A local flight around sunset
July 23-27, 2007AirVenture, Oshkosh
February 17-26, 2006Trip to Switzerland
December 4, 2005Day trip to Lake Tahoe
October 7-9, 2005Trip to Eureka, CA
September 17, 2005MVHS 10 Year reunion
August 27, 2005Trip to Kings Canyon National Park
August 20, 2005Trip to the Delta for some wakeboarding
April 26, 2005Some sunrise photos
April 8-10, 2005Weekend trip to Huntington Beach, CA
March 27, 2005Checking out some gardens in Golden Gate Park
March 26, 2005Winetasting in Napa Valley
March 6, 2005Drawbridge, CA (Ghost town)
December 19, 2004Aerial photos, Palo Alto to Cedarville, CA
December 10, 2004Local places in early morning fog
October 27, 2004A Lunar Eclipse
November 12, 2004Trip to Tucson (Weather pics)
October 2, 2004Kristy and Tom's Wedding
August 21, 2004Climbing Half Dome
July 31, 2004Flying to Las Vegas
July 10, 2004Flying to Clear Lake
June 26, 2004Lorraine and Kevin's Wedding
May 15, 2004Las Vegas trip
May 1-2, 2004Yosemite weekend getaway
April 10, 2004Watersports at Lake Anderson
Feb 29-Mar 1, 2004Airline Transport Orientation Program (Link) - Very fun!
February 21-22, 2004A weekend trip to San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay
November 22, 2003Local flight to Half Moon Bay - nice, clear day
October 17, 2003Rooftop views from the Knight Ridder building in downtown San Jose
September 17, 2003Some nightime aerial solitude
September 13, 2003Moffett Field Airshow
August 22-27, 2003Maui Trip
August 10, 2003Watersports at Andersen Lake
July 12-19, 2003Family trip to OR, WY, and SD (jump to page 2)
May 3, 2003Yosemite trip
January 3-6, 2003Death Valley
December 7, 2002A short coastal flight
October 5, 2002The Salinas Airshow
September 15, 2002The San Francisco Grand Prix bike race  
September 4, 2002Aerial shots of the San Francisco peninsula with a new camera  
August 1, 2002Loch Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountains
June 23-July 19, 2002Across US Roadtrip. Many National Parks. Most popular section!
June 22, 2002A helicopter airshow at San Carlos Airport  
June 20, 2002A flight to Sacramento Executive; Salt ponds, Rio Vista
June 16, 2002A currency trip to Stockton and back for approaches
June 8, 2002California coast, Pescadero to Santa Cruz
June 2, 2002Aerial shots of Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard
May 23-June 3, 2002Boston, Gloucester, The Berkshires, in Massachusets
May 18, 2002Aerials of East Palo Alto, Stanford, & the coast
May 3, 2002Aerial photos of San Francisco with fog and sights in the East Bay
April 30, 2002Country road themed photographs in the Santa Cruz Mountains
March 30, 2002The 2472 Steam Locomotive making a run southbound
March 15,18, 2002Aerial shots flying to Las Vegas and back.
November 22, 2001The Leonid Meteor Shower
September 26, 2001Lightning in Mountain View
August 17, 2001Aerial shots of Mt. Shasta in smoke
August 12, 2001The 2001 Moffett Field Airshow
May 20, 2001Aerial pictures of the SF peninsula, 12000' - Monterey to SF
May 19, 2001A really old cheesecake
May 6, 2001Aerial pics from Davis, CA to Palo Alto. Bridges, UC Berkeley, SF.
May 4, 2001Driving around Los Altos and Mountain View
May 4, 2001Aerial shots of Downtown Mountain View
April 29, 2001Aerial shots of Yosemite National Park
April 14, 2001The cats
March 31, 2001Aerial shots of Santa Cruz, Pescadero, and the coastline
March 16-20, 2001Driving places in the Boston area
March 10, 2001Aerial shots of the Odiyan Temple, Point Reyes, SF, etc.
October 15, 2000Aerial photos of Los Altos and Mountain View, CA
September 16, 2000Aerial photos from a flight to San Luis Obispo, CA


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