Boston trip, March 2001

In March I went to Boston to see a couple friends. It's a neat place - it's total chaos thanks to the The big dig, but other than that, it's neat to be in a place that has so much more history than here in the Bay Area.

The Bell in Hand, the oldest bar in the US. Taken from a car as we were driving by. One of my friends out there gave us a cool driving tour of the area.
The day we arrived, we
went out to see Cape Cod.
It didn't seem so far on the
map, but it took a good hour
and a half to get out there.
It was a little eerie as the
area had not yet livened up
for the summer tourist/
vacation season.

Here I am on a beach at the
very tip of Cape Cod. It was

Another friend of mine
who was freeezing his ass off
in this picture. The wind was
probably 20-25 mph.
My buddy at Med school
who I came out to see and I.
The town at the end
of the cape, Provincetown,
has this memorial tower. See
the aerial shots of this area
for another perspective.
On the third day, we
took the rental car up the
New Hampshire coastline to
go to Ray's lobster, which
was recommended to us. This
picture was taken there. It's
near Rye Beach, which is a very
cool area to see coming from
CA. Quite a contrast.
On the way back,
we stopped in Plymouth to
see Plymouth rock. Here it
is in all it's glory. It
looks like someone peed on
it. If you look closely you
can see the year "1620"
carved on it's face.


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