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Grand Junction, CO


Check out that sky!



Climbing out of Grand Junction towards Canyonlands.




Moab, Utah

Moab on the right, with a lot of offroading areas to the left



Some evaporation ponds...

Entering Canyonlands. This was some beautiful flying.





I like how you can see the earth literally being eaten away by water in this picture.


We kept flying through light rain, which is why this pic is so washed out.

The rain made the rocks a bit shinier and more reflective.



Hite, a private runway at the northeastern end of Lake Powell.


There is some pretty cool erosion patterns on some of the tributaries into Lake Powell.



Navajo Mountain in the distance




It just keeps going and going.


A spire to the northeast of Page, Az.


A thunderstorm near Bryce Canyon


The back side of Brycan Canyon. It's just as pretty as the National Park part.






We got our timing pretty good with the late-day sun.


Approaching Cedar City, Utah.


Sunset after landing.

Crossing the Nevada desert.


The Tonopah test range.

Appraching the White mountains just east of the Sierras near Yosemite.



Mammoth ski resort and the Sierras.

We were going high "just because" and it was totally worth it. A hundred miles of the sierras coiuld be taken in out the window.


Closer in of Mammoth.

Almost made it to 17,500, our goal. Only 1-200 FPM climb rate now.


Mount Ritter and Mount Lyell - the sharp peaks just right of center. Yosemite Valley is near the right of this picture in the distance.


Mount Lyell


The big green area is Tolumne Meadows. The Yosemite Valley is off to the left.

Looking at the back of Half Dome.



Half Dome from about 16,000 feet.


Nevada Falls


Yosemite Falls

And sadly, from there we were back home.


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