Tahoe day trip, December 4, 2005

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Of course we flew... did you think we would drive there and back in a day? :)


Cargill salt piles in Fremont


Looking up 880 towards Oakland

Looking up the east bay from over Sunol


the Sunol train station

Livermore valley and 680, looking north


Livermore airport in the foreground, with San Francisco barely visible in the background


Byron Airport

Delta boat launching place near Byron, can't remember the name


Discovery Bay

approaching the Sierras



First glimpse of Lake Tahoe


A lake in the Desolation Wilderness area


South Lake Tahoe airport



The casinos at Stateline




Wandering around at Heavenly village

Trying to break the ice on this small frozen pond. We failed.



As Ryan said, "Great curb appeal"


the beach at South Shore





Ryan explains the inner workings of the boat salvage vehicle


Whooooaa, oooooaa



Tahoe Keys


Fallen Leaf Lake


More frozen ponds




Sierra at Tahoe ski resort


Lots of smoky chimneys



Downtown Stockton


Rough and Ready island - not quite sure why they call it an island...


heading home towards Mt. Diablo

Looking south towards San Jose


Landing at Palo Alto



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