Across US roadtrip, June/July 2002

Very, very awesome trip. Everyone should go do this. And finally a new camera too! Photos taken with a Nikon N65 and Kodak Royal Gold 200 film. Black and white shots are Tmax 100 film.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

The route I drove, counterclockwise

A tree at a rest stop near the Dardonelles in the Sierras

An old outhouse in the ghost town of Bodie, CA

A Hotel in Bodie

Looking into Panamint Valley, the next valley to the west from Death Valley. It's an amazing place to be.

Zion National Park

A formation on the eastern end of Zion National Park

Other formations at the eastern end of Zion

Some indian drawings on the canyon walls

Bryce Canyon National Park

Walking down into Bryce canyon on the Navajo Loop trail

Another view of Bryce from the rim of the canyon

A tree near inspiration point at Bryce Canyon

Another shot of Bryce Canyon

Some desert foliage near Sunset Crater, Arizona

Floating through the Louisana Bayou

Some more of the Bayou. Yes, people actually live out here.

The Manhattan skyline as seen from Liberty Park, New Jersey. The WTC towers would have been on the very left of this photo.

A 6-second exposure of Niagara Falls at night

Another long exposure, wider angle under different lighting

A fireworks show over Niagara Falls

The river and a bridge just downstream of Niagara falls. Canada is on the left and the US is on the right.

Sunset at the Badlands in South Dakota

Sunset at Devil's Tower in Northeastern Wyoming

A 10-minute exposure of Devil's Tower under a nearly full moon

Devil's Tower from a few miles away, just after sunset with the moon shining brightly

Yellowstone Falls as seen from Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park

A closer in shot of Yellowstone Falls

Even closer in shot of the falls

Downstream of the Yellowstone Falls. The colors in the rock are just amazing.

Sunset at Lewis Lake in southern Yellowstone National Park

Sunset just south of Lewis Lake, Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Tetons

Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

Saint Mary Lake (different angle), Glacier National Park

Near Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

Some twisted trees near Sun Point, Glacier National Park

More trees at Sun Point, Glacier National Park

Saint Mary Falls, located about a mile down the Sun Point nature trail

Some falls that were visible from the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park

A fallen tree downstream of Saint Mary Falls

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park


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