Alaska trip, August 12-17, 2009

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At lake Hood in Anchorage, the busiest seaplane base in the world.


Driving down the Seward Highway. This is the Cook Inlet.



Halfway to Moose Pass is Portage Glacier. The Glacier itself is in the distance but a piece of ice was floating near shore. It looks colder than it was, but this was the weather for most of the week - overcast and grey.



A neat looking mushroom on a pullout off the highway.


More views along the Seward highway.


And here is the seaplane base in Moose Pass. I was here to get a seaplane rating. :) (

The cabins there. Very cozy.


Mark, myself, and James. Mark was on holiday with his wife, and James was an instructor/pilot there.

Some fresh fish. Really fresh :)

Sitting around the pilot room in the evening. Marijka is near the left, then Andy, Darlene (my instructor), myself, and Duane (hiding).

Vern - the DPE and reason the school and business exist, is at the head of the table. I only got to hear a few of his stories - guess I will have to go back to get some more. :)

It was Andy and Marijka's birthday, so there was a cake that night. Any excuse for a gathering!

First day out flying. This was the only day I took pictures aloft; the camera was too big and I was too busy flying. It was beautiful though.



The 206 takes off to pick up some hikers.

Inside the cabin.


The first night I drove down to the end of the road - Seward - just to see what was there. It's a fishing town, and it was pretty quiet by the time I showed up (8:30 pm or so). And it rained the entire drive down and back.


Some tankers that sat at the end of the cul-de-sac in Moose Pass.

A view from near the train trestle into Upper Trail lake.


The Alaska railroad had at least a train or two per day cross this bridge.

A panorama looking out on the dock towards the airplanes. The lake is Upper Trail lake. The train bridge is on the right.

You can see a few of the places I flew during training:

flight track 1
flight track 2
flight track 3

Pictures don't do the flying justice.

If you are interested in reading how the training went, you can read a summary of what we did each flight.

Some glassy water looking towards Upper Trail lake.




The airplanes from next to the train bridge.

I was playing with the camera :)


Driving back to Anchorage a few days later, I stopped at a wildlife park near the western end of the Cook Inlet. You can read the sign for yourself.


A moose. They are bigger than I expected.

Musk Ox.


Brown Bear - these poor guys were pacing back and forth along the fence line. I expected these to be bigger.

Some views from the wildlife park.


Moose calves




Black bear. Also pacing, but not quite so frantically.

Looking at the Cook Inlet driving back to Anchorage.



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