Drawbridge, CA, March 6, 2005

This is a ghost town about 2 miles northeast of Alviso, CA. Strictly speaking it's off limits to the public - as long as you keep away from passing trains and use some common semse, you should be fine.

There is a good, brief history of Drawbridge here, and it's neighboring town of Alviso.

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The Laine store

The trek begins




We arrive at Drawbridge





There are a surprising number of buildings still standing. I expected 5 or 6 buildings and there are probably 20.


I tried to cross a small slough and my foot sank about 6" into some mud before I gave up.






One of the buildings that you could get inside without swimming in mud.



Looks like the remains of an old mattress and bed.






The contrast between this place and the buildup in Fremont in the background is pretty amazing.




One of the more preserved structures.







One of the five trains that went by while we were out there for only a couple hours.





Back in Alviso. Seems like they're trying to clean the area up to attract tourists, not sure. If you get a chance, at least drive through Alviso one day, it's a total contrast to the rest of the valley that surrounds it.



Pictures below taken with a film camera (Nikon N65). My scanner still sucks.

Hi Traaaaain!


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