Trip to Huntington Beach, April 8-10, 2005

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Enroute to Orange County. This was a good IFR flight.


We picked up some light icing while popping in and out of clouds.



The first look into the LA basin


Dodger stadium, looking into the sun through haze from almost 2 miles up

Downtown LA

Looking went out towards Long Beach

Looking south towards Orange County. Long Beach airport is the big empty area. It was fairly smog-free, at least compared to my memories of LA.


John Wayne airport, our destination.

On the ground at John Wayne.


A UPS cargo jet taxis by as we unload


Some still-life photos for your amusement


So, the bowl on the right is the clam chowder I ordered. The bowl on the left is the ranch dressing for the salad I ordered. Ridiculous.

I couldn't figure out what these things were, but they were all over the walls at this restaurant. This one had my name on it :)

House? Old water tower? wtf?

At Sunset beach

Hsien ponders life


Ah, LA beaches.


Looking up the beach towards Long Beach Harbor

Time for some ad-hoc baseball

Swing and a miss!


My turn to ponder life


So, the beach had this 4-5' cliff of sand that I enjoyed walking near the edge of and causing landslides. Occasionally I'd slide down. Here I am trying to get back up.


Then we found the playground...


Back at the game room...



I didn't drink any of this stuff.

Poker night

Duff beer!


Huntington Beach pier looking north


and south

Jack's girls. Don't ask.

Time to leave. Looking south towards Newport from over Huntington Beach

Looking northeast

Looking Northwest towards Long Beach Harbor

Heading north, looking east

Long Beach Harbor. The Queen Mary is towards the upper right of this picture. Unfortunately ATC had us on fixed headings and altitudes, so we couldn't really get much closer. We were running a bit late anyway.


The industrial area that is Long Beach

Passing LAX


The Getty Museum near Santa Monica

cockpit view, 35 mins into the flight

As the sun slowly sets in the west...



A sliver of the moon in twilight

Coming back into the Bay Area



Stevens Creek blvd, I believe.

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Rich causing landslides on the beach and sliding down

Dave singing... wow.


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