Aerial Photographs of the SF Peninsula, September 4, 2002

This was the clearest day we'd had in a few weeks, and I wanted to try out my new camera with some aerial shots. Photos taken with a Nikon N65 and Kodak Gold 200 film.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Near downtown Palo Alto, this is the City Hall building

The intersection of Alma and University in Palo Alto

Hoover Tower on the Stanford campus

Filoli Mansion, at the southern tip of Crystal Springs Resevoir

Half Moon Bay. The road coming from the left is highway 92, and the road it intersects at the top center is Highway 1.

Ocean Beach and the Cliffhouse restaurant in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, of course

Another Golden Gate picture

Right over mid-span of the bridge looking North

Inside the bay now, looking back at the Golden Gate

The docking point for boats on Angel Island

Some livestock trails in a field up near Novato. I thought the patterns were pretty cool looking.

Back towards San Francisco now, this is from over Alcatraz Island

Closer to downtown San Francisco

Coit Tower in San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco with the Bay Bridge and Oakland in the background

The South of Market area. There was a Giants game this evening and you can see all the cars trying to get there. PacBell Park is near the top center of the picture.

The intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 280 in San Francisco

Candlestick (3com) park and Hunters point

San Francisco International Airport. The new BART extension is in the bottom of the picture, heading into the left side of the terminal.

Another view of San Francisco International

That stretch along 101 in Foster City with all the ugly technology billboards

The Oracle campus. I've always liked their buildings and didn't realize they were around a pond until I saw it from the air.

The San Carlos Airport.

Back at Palo Alto on the ramp.


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