Trip to Davis, CA and back

This was an overnight trip to visit some friends.

Photos taken with a Konica Autoreflex TC camera.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Leaving Davis Airport.
The hotel we stayed at in Davis. The Davis Amtrak stop is in the lower left of this picture also.
The Nut Tree Airport off highway 80. The rest of the Nut Tree has been bulldozed.
The Carquinez Bridge, looking East.
Marine World theme park in Vallejo.
The Campanile at UC Berkeley. The airplane's shadow can be seem just to the right of the Campanile's shadow on the road.
The stadium at Cal.
Another view of the Cal campus.
Downtown San Francisco.
North Beach in San Francisco.
The Golden Gate bridge, looking Southwest.
The intersection of Geary and 32nd in San Francisco. A friend used to live right near there.


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