California Coast, Pescadero to Santa Cruz, June 8, 2002

I had some creative energy one day and went for a drive.

Photos taken with a Konica Autoreflex TC camera and Kodak Gold 200 film.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

Walking over railroad tracks to reach Bonny Doon beach. Aerial photos of this location can be seen here and here. The tracks dead-end at a quarry near Davenport in the northerly direction, and connect to mainlines south in Santa Cruz.

Following the railroad tracks south

Further south down the tracks...

Natural Bridges State Park, just north of Santa Cruz

A lizard sunbathing on a railroad track

Some rugged coastline near Pescadero

My shadow :)

Some interesting looking trees north of Pescadero

Along that same road north out of Pescadero (going west towards the ocean, take a right at the stop sign where the mexican restaurant is. In this aerial photo, the road in question goes from the center of the picture to the bottom, and to the right is the ocean.)

A hairpin turn further forth along the same road

Back towards San Gregorio, an old run down market

More coastline

Pigeon Point lighthouse

Some tidepools near Pigeon Point

The Pigeon Point lighthouse and fields of flowering iceplant

The lighthouse up close

Looking south from the lighthouse

The steam building that generated the pressure to fire the fog horns. The horns themselves are visible near the roofline of the building. They no longer are used.

People surfing using kites for propulsion. I think this sport has a name but can't recall what it is, and no, it isn't windsurfing. Kitesurfing?

Some flowers near Waller?? beach

An overpass and stream outlet into the ocean at Waller?? beach

The same stream

Some cliffs south of the Waller?? beach parking lot


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