Australia trip, March 2009

When can we go back?

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Welcome to the rocks!


Sydney Harbor Bridge


First food in Australia - Chips and beer. Yum!


Sydney Opera House





Tiles on the Opera House up close


Sydney skyline from the Botanical gardens





Dressed in our Bridge Climb gear. They didn't let us take cameras, so no pictures of that.

The main drag at Manly beach



The ferry ride to Manly gave a nice view of Sydney


Julie happy at Manly beach :)


Manly beach


The return ferry ride out of Manly to Circular Quay




Some of the awesome food arcades in Melbourne

Downtown Melbourne train station



Keith, Frances, and Rich

Julie in Ballarat on the way to McLaren Vale. Mmmm meat pies.


White Kangaroos

Aldinga beach



Winery view


Winetasting at D'Arenburg


Snooping around the vineyards near our McLaren Vale accomodations


A friendly sheep



Sunset on the way to dinner at the Victory Hotel

Looking out the back patio of our Mc Laren Vale accomodations


Kangaroo island road

Australian working hours are 12pm to 1pm :)


Our vehicle, a ute


The beach at Emu bay

Exploring a trail at Emu bay



Pelicans near Kingscote


A fantastic restaurant we found in Kingscote, open late. Highly recommended.

Hey, whatever works. An old fork will do.


We loved the roads on Kangaroo island.


Bees at Clifford's honey farm

I was going to Photoshop these pictures together but oh well :)


Seal Bay




A pup at Seal bay

Little Sahara - very cool



Hiking to the top of the san dune was tough...



If you look at the next four pictures quickly you can see me run :)




...and hike back up :)


The hands-in-the-air thing became a common theme.



Some people in the distance. They were carrying sandboards to ride down on. Like a snowboard, but for sand.

Burger "with the lot" - it was delicious.


A baby joey


These weren't the most spectacular caves in the world, but caves are always cool. These particular caves are dry caves.



Kangaroos just hanging out.

A Koala. We saw a handful of them on the Koala Walk.





These parrots were flying all over at the Koala walk


Heading west towards Flinders Chase National Park


The "Remarkable Rocks." Pictures don't do it justice.







Late in the day we had some fantastic colors and shadows on the rocks.






At the western end of the road in the National Park. The wind was howling, waves were crashing, and the sky was awesome. It was totally invigorating.



Admirals Arch at the end of the road. Again, pictures don't do it justice.



Looking south from the point. It felt very arctic at the time with the wind and waves crashing.


A lighthouse at the point.


The old schoolhouse on Kangaroo island, where we stayed.


Keith with a wonderful leg of lamb

Julie, Tamara's boyfriend (I am awful with names, sorry), Keith, Tamara, and Frances, our wonderful hosts in Melbourne


Now we're in Brisbane. Julie needed her Guinness on St. Patty's day...


... and I went for the rum and coke in a can. It was interesting.

At Hervey bay waiting for the ferry to Fraser island


Walking to our room at the Kingfisher resort on Fraser island


Walking around the resort grounds. It didn't seem very occupied.



This is definately rainforest country.




The beach in front of the resort.


I became fascinated with the patterns the sand crabs would make with the sand from their tunnel digging. This one looks like the Canadian flag.

The sand pebbles felt good to walk on.



We went four wheeling. There are no paved roads on Fraser Island. Some of it was pretty legit/difficult/rough - this was a good stretch.


Us at Lake McKenzie, a freshwater lake in the middle of the 100% sand island.


The lack of sunshine made this look drearier than it was.


The ants are big here. This one was probably 5/8 inch long.

Some of the rougher roadway


Horsefly. These suckers hurt when they bite.


More sand crab sand balls. There were millions/billions of these on the eastern shore of the island.


Julie dancing on seventy-five mile beach :)


The freeway up and down the beach :) As you can see we didn't get real lucky with the weather.

The last picture my camera took before I dropped it in the ocean trying to swat away a horsefly. Grrr..... This is our 4x4 rental on seventy-five mile beach.


The road back to the resort

Julie saved me from the Death Adder :) And I made a bad joke about someone being bad at math.


Houses on the drive back to Brisbane. They are raised off the ground like in Hawaii, presumably due to the high humidity


We had a mocha here in Tiaro

A souvenir we just didn't need to bring home, found in a shop in Brisbane


Having a drink on the main Arcade in Brisbane


Back in Sydney. For our final night we splurged on a nice room at the Shangri La. What a view.



Walking around Sydney. I don't know what this was.



The Sydney Observation tower.


The view from the top of the observation tower.




It kinda goes together...



Darling harbor at night, where we went for dinner




Sydney sunrise from our hotel room.




Walking around a street fair before our flight home :(



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