Half Dome Hike, August 21-22, 2004

Difficult and painful, but worth it. This has been on my to-do list for years. The day after the hike we all swore we'd never do it again. Two days later we had changed our minds.

The pics are out of order since they are from three different people's cameras. Enjoy!

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

At camp in Little Yosemite Valley


On top!

Looking at the cables from afar

I drank some water a little too quickly

The top of Half Dome is as large as a football field

Looking into Yosemite Valley

Looking over the edge at Mirror Lake

Looking back towards the high point on the dome. The face is the cliff on the left side, and those specks in the top right are people.

Looking East. Gotta go to Clouds Rest one day - it's the ridge on the right side of this pic

This is an overhang - from the valley it looks like just one rock, but it's quite large.
See this from the valley. Wider angle valley view

Here are some aerial shots of Half Dome.
Some More Half Dome aerials

I held the camera out over the ledge and took a shot straight down

There is a large portion of Yosemite Valley past Mirror Lake most people don't get to see. Mirror Lake is at the base of this picture, looking Eastward.

They had lots of gloves for use on the cables.

Vernal Falls, on the way up. Pretty dry this time of year. Compare this to May 1 of the same year.

Half Dome looms ahead on the trail

Nevada Falls, also on the way up

A lone tree near Little Yosemite campground

Back side of Half Dome

The steps up the Eastern slope of Half Dome - the left side as you face it from the valley

About to begin the trek up the cables

This was how steep it was going up the cables. Not for the faint of heart!

Getting closer...

Pondering the summit...

Looking down the cables from the top


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