Fog around Mountain View and Los Altos, December 10, 2004

It's rare to get fog here, so it was a unique opportunity to see local places in a different light. It's frustratingly difficult to try to take photos without a car entering the scene, even at 6am.

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An office park off of Ortega Avenue in Mountain view

The Walmart parking lot at San Antonio Center

Driving down San Antonio road towards downtown Los Altos. Looks like I'm going 100 mph.

Main Street, downtown Los Altos

State Street, downtown Los Altos

Sitting at the light on southbound El Camino, waiting to turn left onto Castro Street

Castro Street, Downtown Mountain View

The new train station at the end of Castro street

Parking lot of the train station

A tree in the same parking lot

Castro street

Castro street. They were pressure-washing the sidewalks this particular morning.

A truck appears to float by on Miramonte Avenue near Cuesta

A grove of trees at Cuesta Park

Cuesta Park

The shopping center at El Monte and El Camino. Daylight is coming.


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