Salinas Airshow, October 5, 2002

This was a pretty good show. It was a beautiful day, the crowds were bearable, and the performances were pretty good. Photos taken with a Nikon N65 and Kodak 200 film. I really need a new scanner...

If any aviation buffs out there can tell me what some of the aircraft in the unlabeled images are, I'd appreciate it.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

The radial engine and cowling of a Stearman

A single-person plane... quite small

A Stearman

The F-117A approaching from afar

The F-117A up closer. Neither this aircraft or the B-2 (see below) actually landed. They just did three overflights and then departed. Still a treat to see.

The F-117A almost directly overhead. This is an extremely quiet aircraft, on the first pass nobody in the crowd even heard it coming

The heritage flight, a F18 and a P-51 Mustang flying in formation

Three of the Showcopters and a modified Stearman

A jet-powered truck, with three Pratt & Whitney jet engines mounted on the back. This thing went 300mph down the runway, it was *very* impressive. Here it is just warming up, with some extra flames for show.

The "Wall of Fire" by Rich's Pyro (no relation to me, sorry to say :)

The B-2 stealth bomber approaching

B-2 getting closer...

and closer...

and directly overhead.

A profile view of the B-2 stealth bomber

Another angle

The Blue Angels F-18 #1 preparing for the show

The Blue Angels taxiing out to the runway

The Blue Angels in formation flight

More of the Blue Angels

The Blue Angels directly overhead in tight formation


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