Family trip, July 12-19, 2003 (Page 2)

All photos and movies taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera.

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The Old Faithful geyser before eruption

Zillions of people waiting for Old Faithful

Thar she blows

Another bubbling pool

A short video clip with sound that captures the noise of one of the steam vents

A 10-second clip of a geyser erupting

A geyser in the fountain paint pot basin

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip...

A formation near Great Fountain geyser

Near Upper Geyser Basin

Hot tub anyone?

The Grand Prismatic Spring

Kepler cascades

Some water lilies

Lewis Lake

Lewis Lake

Sunset at the Flagg Ranch, just south of Yellowstone

The Grand Tetons and Jackson Lake

An unknown flower

More of the Tetons

At the Jenny Lake overlook

Before departing Jackson Hole Airport, with the Tetons in the background

Just after takeoff from Jackson

Some absolute-middle-of-nowhere Wyoming terrain enroute to Rapid City, South Dakota

This huge thundercloud was forming as we landed. By the time we got to the hotel 30 minutes later, a severe storm alert was issued for the area. Good thing we didn't take our time that morning!

Driving under the thunderstorm an hour or so later. These kind of bulbous clouds are called 'cumulonimbus mamma.' No kidding.

Looking back at the storm... impressive. I wish we had real weather in California on occasion.

The Badlands, South Dakota

More of the Badlands

The same storm, hours later, as it drifts eastward and dissapates

Mount Rushmore

Avenue of the flags at Mt. Rushmore

Crazy Horse Memorial. The model is in the foreground, and the real carving is in the background, lower right. Only the face is complete.

A closer-in shot of the carving

I guess there is a limit on the number of 'Denny's' signs allowed in Rapid City...

Mount Rushmore as seen from the air shortly after departing for home

And the Crazy Horse memorial, also from the air

More featureless Wyoming terrain

Getting towards Utah. Highway 80 is in the foreground.

A pass in the mountains just East of Ogden, Utah, our planned fuel and lunch stop.

Coming in for landing at Ogden. The airport is just off the tip of the wing.

On the ground at Ogden with one more 3.4-hour leg to get home.

The Great Salt Lake

The Bonneville Salt Flats. That's highway 80 bisecting the picture.

Some mountains East of Elko, NV

Tobin peak in Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Eastern shore of Lake Tahoe

South Shore, Lake Tahoe

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