Nighttime solitude, Sept. 17, 2003

Just needed to get away for a little while. Flying at night is beautiful. Photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5700.

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I hadn't been flying in a month or so, and my nighttime currency was almost up. This added up to a late-night venture in this Cessna 152.

Climbing out over the East bay, looking Northeast from about Fremont.

More or less, same location. The white trail down the center is 880.

Looking South towards San Jose from the same location. It is impossible to hold the camera still, despite my best efforts... it's pretty hard when the camera wants a 1 second exposure.

Look out! It's the cops! No wait, it's just our rudder beacon.

Looking East. The orange blob is the moon rising over the Sierras and lights of Stockton. It was gorgeous, and totally unplanned.

Some lights near Livermore. At this point I completely gave up on holding the camera still and actually made an effort to jiggle it a bit to see what patterns I got with different sights on the ground. This was partly inspired by Andrew's night time driving pictures. You can see the 60 Hz flicker of these streetlights too, when viewed full size.

On the runway at Byron with the moon now a little higher.

Approaching to land at Livermore. The runway is right in the center of the picture.

Weeeee, swirly pattern.

A parking lot near Hayward.

Moon reflecting off the bay back towards Palo Alto.


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