Palo Alto to Cedarville, CA, 12/19/2004

This is part of the state (Northeast corner) I had never been to, so it was a convenient choice for the long solo cross-country requirement of the commercial certificate.

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There was to be a solid undercast for most of the flight over the central valley. This was the start of it, in the San Ramon/Pleasanton area, West of Mt. Diablo.

Mt. Diablo and a valley full of fog behind it

The flog flowing into the SF Bay Area. Richmond is approxmiately on the left and Fairfield approximately on the right. Fog flows like water.

Lake Berryessa

The dam at Lake Berryessa

A Valley near Corning, CA. It was very hazy this day, needless to say.

Red Bluff, CA, looking West.

Interior view near Red Bluff, CA

Branson peak, North of Mt. Lassen

Heading northeast, about 50 miles out of Red Bluff. I was amazed at how much of this part of the state (Northeast corner) looks like this - almost wasteland. Maybe it's all green in the summer.

Yes folks, this is California Pines(tm). A bit different looking than the way Ponch advertised it on TV, eh?

Almost there. This is Alturas on the right side of the picture, with Goose Lake in the distance.

Another view of Alturas

The mountain ridge east of Alturas. It had a dusting of snow.

Crossing the ridge. There is a (mostly) dry lakebed north of Cedarville.

Descending for Cedarville. The airport is off the tip of the wing. There is nothing here.

A cool looking lenticular cloud as viewed from the ground at Cedarville.

Leaving Cedarville. Time to head to Alturas for some fuel.

On the way back, I went south of Mt. Lassen instead of north. It's more direct, but passes over some higher, less hospitable terrain. This is looking North at Lassen.

Chester airport on Lake Almanor. Looks like a nice place.

Mt. Lassen is the close mountain; Mt. Shasta is in the distance just to the right of Lassen.

About to cross over the central valley again. Sutter Butte stands out as an obvious landmark.

Sutter Butte, closer. It almost looks like an island.

This was solid, all the way from Redding in the north to the Tehachapi mountains in the south - 3-400 miles long.

Looking west from about Fairfield.

Looking west from about Concord. If you look closely, you can see the Golden Gate bridge towers and Downtown San Francisco silhouette. (remember, click to zoom)

Same place, zoom in of San Francisco.


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