Santa Cruz & Coastline

These were taken after the realization that an open window improves image quality.

Photos taken with a Konica Autoreflex TC camera.

Click on any photo for an enlargement.

The town of Pescadero
A private airstrip in the Santa Cruz mountains East of Bonny Doon.
A beach near Bonny Doon. In High school we had senior cut day at this beach
Another view of thew same beach
The Santa Cruz boardwalk
Another view of the boardwalk
A third view of the boardwalk
Santa Cruz harbor
Another harbor view. I think it's cool how the ships are all coming into port.
Looking directly down onto Capitola beach.
A semi-sunken ship near capitola. I remember visiting it as a kid.
Santa Cruz residential areas
The boardwalk from a bit higher.
Some of the dorms at UC Santa Cruz.
Some cows in a field near UC Santa Cruz.
Back towards Palo Alto now; This is the lake at Shoreline park in Mountain View.


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