Airline Training Orientation Program

Learn to fly a 737 in two days! A wonderful program sponsored by Continental Airlines and taught by a great guy, Wayne Phillips. It was an absolute blast and I would recommend it to anyone interested in aviation. It's located at the Houston Int'l Airport (IAH) in the Continental training center. More information:

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One of the full motion 737 simulators

Inside the cockpit management trainer

The procedures trainer

Accelerating down the runway perhaps? :) I find it a curious thought that inside that box, you can essentially be anywhere in the world.

The front panel of the management trainer

Yours truly after a successful landing on SFO's 28R runway

And my trusty first officer...

The actual simulator we flew in

And Heather's turn at the controls

(Pictures below courtesy of Jon Saulsgiver, another program participant)

The graphics inside the full motion simulator are absolutely stunning. It's hard to get a good clear pic since the simulated time of day was night, but this is pretty good. It's so real, your eyes have to change focus to look at objects far away, and then readjust to panel distance. Unbelievable.


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