Eureka, CA, Oct 7-9, 2005

A fun weekend trip!

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The trip up



The sun slowly sets in the west...






Looking eastward at Clear lake and Mount Konocti


Ryan & Jen imbibe


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean









At Arcata/Eureka airport


Patrick's Point state park. A must see if you're there.






Ryan, Jen, and Sarah


Look! Over there!












Agate Beach



The smooth round rocks felt good to walk on




Rock hunting




You know you want these rocks for your desktop background :)




Ryan buried to his knees


Some temporary vandalism


There were banana slugs everywhere



The harbor at Trinidad

Eureka's city park. Beautiful!







I was going to gross a stream on this log but wussed out



Carson Mansion
See more high-resolution photos here


The harbor in Eureka




The Eureka Inn


Lane's car lot



Leaving the airport turning south over the ocean




Murray Field in Eureka

The town of Eureka



Shelter Cove. Will have to go there one day.


Northern California coastline



Coming through the Golden Gate







San Francisco International


Short movie clip 1:
Ocean crashing on the coast (8 MB)

Short movie clip 2:
Wide angle Ocean crashing (20 MB)

Short movie clip 3:
Wide angle ocean crashing (24 MB)

Short movie clip 4:
Seawater rushing back out after
spilling onto the beach (9 MB)

More (Higher res) pictures of Carson Mansion


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