Kings Canyon, August 27, 2005

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A small pond we found just off the road


The bridge near the pond


We saw a bear. Really, here it is. It was dark so couldn't get a good photo.





Ryan in awe

Time for some gambling...


I won! not

Giant sequoias. Pictures don't do them justice.



This one was hollow and had fallen a long time ago















A meadow along the road









Ryan swims in the pond. It was cold! I fell in accidentally and it was a shocker




Cave exploring, tourist style












We thought this was going to be a vertical tree, not a fallen one. What a silly thing when you think about it, driving through a tree...



Ryan looking like Joe Satriani with hair


A hike out to an overlook. Very cool.








We made it. Nobody was there at first, which was nice.









Specs on the General Sherman tree, the largest living thing on Earth


The tree itself. Hard to capture in a picture.





Some other random big trees






Sunset during the drive back to Fresno


A billboard near the really upscale, fancy, nice motel we stayed in. It's Goat Time!

The aforementioned motel.



Fresno, in all it's glory

Merged images made from smaller images. Next time we'll have to go to the actual canyon, these are just side trips. Heh.

Extra photos, mostly crap (Thanks Ryan!)



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