Family trip, July 12-19, 2003

Note: Most of these images are really large (2560x1920) and are approximately 1.5 MB. All photos and movies taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera.

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Mount Shasta as viewed from the East

The town of Klamath Falls and Klamath Lake, Oregon

Some rock formations near a river in Prineville, Oregon

Oregon countryside

Some thistle near Prineville

Dad enjoying the sunshine

Left to right: Dad, myself, and Lou

Mom, Dad, and me

The town of Prineville, Oregon

Stein's Pillar, south of Prineville

Playing cards

Bubb playing the electronic keyboard

Looking down some railroad tracks at sunset in Prineville

Cruising along at 165 knots enroute to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Mom and Dad enjoying the sights

Taxiing at Boise, Idaho for a lunch break

Departing Boise, Idaho

Some terrain in Eastern Idaho

More flyover country, western Wyoming

The Tetons viewed from the southwest, just about to make the dive into Jackson Hole

Descending into Jackson Hole

The Grand Tetons

Some free-roaming horses on the road up to Yellowstone

Sunset at Lake Yellowstone

The Yellowstone Lake Hotel

Some fishermen in a river in Yellowstone

Some buffalo/bison roaming

A buffalo bathing in dirt

A herd of buffalo

Dragon's breath vent... indeed it does stink


A boiling mud pit

Another vent

Some buffalo crossing a river

Some buffalo and their young

Yellowstone falls as viewed from artist point

Close in shot of the falls

Mom and I, taken by a stranger who put the waterfall behind my head. Genius I tell you.

Just downstream of the falls

Dad and I

Upper Yellowstone falls

A sample of the burned-out forest. Much of the park still looks like this, even though the fire was in 1988.

A valley in the northeast corner of the park

Some layered rock formations

Mom next to some yellow flowers

Some of the terraces near Mammoth Hot Springs

This photo looks doctored, but it isn't! The coloration really is like this.

More at Mammoth Hot Springs

A closer in view of the formations

A crack is developing in the mineral deposits... it'll be a shame when that goes

More of the terraces

A lava formation near the terraces

The northwest entrance to the park, near Gardiner, Montana

The fountain paint pot geyser basin

A boiling pool

Another hot steam vent

A buffalo sitting at the entrance to the Old Faithful Inn

Inside the Old Faithful Inn, looking up

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