Oshkosh EAA Airventure, July 23, 2007

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Looking down the main walkway on the AirVenture grounds.


One of the first Beech Bonanzas.

A new Cirrus approaching to land.


An Extra taxis out for a show.

The owner of this Breezy was giving rides for most of the week.


An F-$ makes a low pass.

The same fighter with a parachute deployed to slow it after landing.


This Ford Trimotor was up and down all day every day giving rides.



A Grumman with a turbine conversion.


Some of the buildings on site were interesting. This one is advertising "Emergency aircraft repair."

Some airplane camping.


Ultralight gear


An L-39 on landing rollout.

Looking down the flight line.


A Piper Aztec(?) off the runway into the grass, per the arrival procedure.


A twin Bonanza.

A tilt-rotor design.


A view of the homebuilt section on the field.


Some showplanes wait their turn.

A harrier hovers in midair. Not silently, that's for sure. Pretty cool nonetheless.



And the airshows go on. Some of the formation sizes were impressive.






A P-51 Mustang retracts its gear while accelerating down the runway.

An F-15 demonstrates it's climbing ability. Awesome.


T-28s in tight formation.


The Heritage flight formation does a pass.


Hrm, it's pointing up, but moving to the right. Nice trick!


If I remember correctly, this group of four aircraft fly together as "The Collaborators."





Patty Wagstaff and her Cirrus-painted Extra 300.


Team Aeroshell.








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