Aircraft to learn in, 1983 Cessna 152, N94565

If you are learning to fly for the first time, the aircraft on this page makes an excellent choice for your training. If you are interested in other airplanes and/or advanced ratings, check out the fleet at Sundance Flying club. They have other single engine aircraft, retractable-gear singles, high-performance aircraft and a twin on the roster, enabling you to earn any rating from first learning how to fly all the way to your multi-engine ATP for an airline job.

N94565 is a well-maintained 1983 Cessna 152 based at Palo Alto airport. It is an ideal airplane to learn to fly in, having docile handling qualities and simple aircraft systems. Tried and true, the Cessna 152 has been a staple of flight training for over 30 years.

You have many aircraft options when learning to fly. A Cessna 152 is one of the lowest-cost aircraft flying today, saving an estimated $1400* over the course of learning to fly as compared with a typical four-seat trainer. You are not limited to this aircraft though - you can learn to fly in almost any aircraft you choose.

Coming soon - panel pictures.

Manuals available to students training in this aircraft.

* = as compared to a similarly-equipped Cessna 172, assuming 70 hours training time.